The Trend Taking The Wedding Scene by Storm

robert/ November 9, 2018/ Formula 1 Simulators

Wedding season is almost upon us and many couples are still confused when it comes to choosing the venue they want to get married in. It seems like every celebrity wedding gives out a new style statement, and it’s normal to be excited about incorporating some of the wedding ideas we see in TV shows and magazines alike. Gone are the days of following the status quo and as a result, many of us want to do something a little out of the ordinary.

And why not? It’s not like you get married every day, so why not make that day one of the best days of your life? One of the more unique trends that has been sweeping the wedding scene recently involves an F1 themed wedding experience which comes fully equipped with an actual Formula 1 Simulator.

Here’s why you should opt for this new and happening wedding scene trend and why you won’t regret it once you do…

Outstanding views

Everyone is quite bored with those cliché combinations of lilies and orchids at their wedding venue. So, why not add a touch of edge by opting for something that is more than just a little different.

We can create bespoke driving simulator experience that incorporate the finer details that will impress guests. Whether you have your names on billboards around the virtual track or decorate the car itself in a way that fits your wedding perfectly, there are plenty of options to keep both partners happy!

Breaking Convention

If you don’t want your wedding venue to look like everyone else’s, then a show stealing formula 1 simulator smack bang in the middle of your event will certainly result in exactly that.

If you like to be a little different, here is where a motorsport themed wedding venue fits that description perfectly. You get to revel in the celebration of finally tying the knot, yet with something a little less conventional!

An Entertaining Touch for Your Guests

Wedding season can get a little dull, right? There is only so many weddings we can all go to each year without wanting to cry into our pillow every night. If you want your wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons, then get in touch with Max Velocity Events now.

We can help you add an entertainment factor that makes you and all of your guests smile for many years to come.

Our team of experienced professionals can ensure that you have a perfect wedding and why not make the extra effort to have a one of a kind day? Such a uniquely themed wedding is one that will not be forgotten any time soon, so what are you waiting for?