The Hidden Secret Behind Effective Team Building

robert/ October 26, 2018/ Pit Stop Challenge

The key to winning a Formula one race lies in a team’s ability to work together. F1 drivers rely on their teams for ensuring that the car delivers its best performance and whilst the drivers are the ones in the limelight, everyone knows that the members standing ready to go in the pit stop are the real heroes of the racing sport.

Winning a F1 race takes a lot more than having just a good driver on the team. It requires changing of the tyres, adjusting the wings and nose cones and fixing any damage to the car in a super timely manner. All of this together leads the team towards a successful outcome and the pit crew manages the majority of these activities in mere seconds.

Keeping this in mind, let us ask, is your team ready to face such a challenge?

An organisation participating in pit stop challenges are supposed to use the same intense approach as that of professional pit crew members. With enough focus, team collaboration and leadership, the team is expected to complete the challenge in and under 10 seconds. Pit stop challenges will not only help to improve your team’s communication skills, but it is also a fun way of achieving something outside of the office.

The challenge begins with briefing the team leaders in completing the task with speed and excellence. All the employees participating in this challenge are segregated into teams, with a team leader, ensuring the fastest, safest and most accurate pit-stop is achieved.

The team leader then briefs their fellow crew members on safety and the tools used during the exciting challenge. Remember, the teams will be using the same equipment that are used by professional pit crew members, so it will in actual fact feel very real for everyone involved.

Our experienced team at Max Velocity will first demonstrate the techniques used at a pit-stop and then it is over to the teams. We then will keep reducing the time to complete this challenge over several rounds. This thus helps in reinforcing team building among the participants (your employees) and will demonstrate how practice really does make perfect.

We will organise the entire event for your company, so all you have to do is get your employees in our arena and let them enjoy a fun day filled with all the adrenaline pumping activities we have on offer.

You can also expand your program by engaging your employees in a few of our other team building activities, such as a formula one simulator, racing bathtubs and batak walls.

Allow our team to build you a completely unique experience that helps your employees become better team players to boost your team’s overall productivity.

By participating in team building activities, your employees will learn and benefit in the following ways:

  • They will understand the advantages and challenges of collaboration in an interdependent team looking to achieve a shared mission.
  • Boosts open communication, which is necessary for successful collaboration and makes them aware of the importance of productive dialogue within a team.
  • Helps them understand and experience the difference between operating in a flat team versus a hierarchical team.
  • Helps them understand the roles and responsibilities of a team leader in an interdependent team matrix.
  • Work collectively towards generating insights from combined individual efforts.
  • And of course, every single person involved will spend the day laughing the hours away.

If you are looking for a way to improve your team’s productivity and performance and want to do a corporate activity that is a little different to the norm, then get in touch with Max Velocity Events today.