Sim on a Mission

Max Velocity Team/ September 14, 2018/

When we were approached by Mission Motorsport to help support a charity event, the answer was yes! When we were told where the event was, the game changed…

Kings Cross Station is the busiest train station in the UK and over a million people pass through every day. The logistics of this event would be a challenge – the station closes for just 4 hours a day, between 1am and 5am, making the delivery of a full size F1 Simulator to this central London location a mission in itself!

Despite all the logistical challenges of the venue, we delivered drives of a Formula One Simulator to over 200 people over a 12 hour shift, raising £1,210 in the process. Drivers were from all parts of the globe and included everyone from professional drivers to Transport Police officers. A long, but very satisfying day.