Salesforce get to grips with F1

Max Velocity Team/ November 12, 2015/

Today we provided a fully branded car to Salesforce CRM, during one of their most important UK conferences. Held at Rockingham raceway, over 60 delegates from across Europe attended a two day conference, packed with new information.

Salesforce wanted to make sure their brand was visible, but also recognised that people would be attending intense sessions and needed to let off steam, both during the breaks and after the conference. Grand Prix Race Driver provided a full size F1 simulator and our design team came up with an great concept for the car – we also branded the Rockingham circuit that the delegates drove to complete the branding! The driver selected for this event was Lewis Hamilton and the car, his powerful Mercedes.

With a Top Gear Leader board in place, people soon showed their competitive edge and this activity really gave the delegates something to focus on whilst relaxing. They were completely amazed when they first saw the car with their branding all over it too!

If you’re organising a conference or something similar, it’s a great idea to add in some activity, whether team building or just plain fun! Our simulators will have everyone talking about your conference long after it has finished.