F1 Activities All Super Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

robert/ January 25, 2019/ Formula 1 Simulators, Pit Stop Challenge

Every individual who is into motorsports has a passion to drive at least one F1 car in their lifetime. When you spend so many hours watching them whizz around the world’s most glorious racetracks, it is almost unavoidable to not dream of being in the driver’s seat at least once or twice. Formula One races are extremely lavish and breathtaking, not to mention dangerous enough to get the adrenaline pumping in our veins. There’s a reason why the likes of Lewis Hamilton only get to sit in the driver’s seat of these incredibly fast and powerful vehicles after years of proving themselves skilled enough to do the job. The good news is that you can actually fulfil your dream of driving an F1 car without the imminent risk to your life – and it won’t require you to remortgage your home either! Not only can you experience what it feels to drive an F1 supercar, you can also participate in several activities associated with the world famous motorsport, such as the very popular pit stop challenge.   Moreover, all these adjacent F1 activities are equally thrilling and have the ability to give you the kind of adrenaline high you’ll seldom experience in any other activity. We’ve shortlisted some of the most renowned and fabulous F1 activities that you must indulge in at least once in your lifetime if you’re truly a diehard Formula One fan.

Car Shows

If you are someone who loves the sight of an extremely good-looking, full-sized car, you must visit at least one big car show. There are several exhibitions and trade shows across the globe which showcase the world’s best and fastest beauties all under one roof. You may be surprised to find that some events management companies offer sleek, perfect replicas of the F1 cars we’ve all grown to love and cherish over the years. It’s a fantastic marketing tool used to promote brands and one that is becoming increasingly popular. These events management companies also provide these models on a hire basis for photo and film shoots too.

Kit Karts

If you are part of a big group of friends who share a passion for F1 cars, then a Kit Kart activity is something you’ll all love getting involved with. It’s also the ultimate test of teamwork as teams of 8 individuals have to simultaneously work together to put one of these awesome karts together. The activity is fun and also extremely competitive as it’s a time-bound task. If you are planning a corporate day out with the aim of increasing teamwork amongst your teams, check out our kit karts.

Pit Stop Challenge

Participants are divided into groups of 3 and are briefed on how to efficiently complete the pit stop challenge. You are given some time to practice then it’s game on and the pressure hits… This activity is hugely beneficial for groups who wish to build trust and coordination amongst team members, hence it is ideal for corporate days out and is often combined with our kit kart activity.

F1 Simulators

If you aim to cover laps of the circuit at high speeds then you must try out our stunning F1 simulators. Our Formula One simulators offer the best F1 driving experience out there thanks to our realistic quick release F1 steering wheels, our full surround systems, along with our professional race software. You really will feel like you’re behind the wheel of the real thing! Get in touch with the team at Max Velocity Events today to see how we can gift-wrap this exhilarating adrenaline package to your every requirement.