Competitive or Collaborative Team Building – Which Is Best?

Max Velocity Team/ February 8, 2019/ General

Coming up with the right team building activity can be more difficult than you imagine and if you’re a manager that has previously had to organise these events, perhaps you already realise how difficult it is to find one that genuinely shows results.

These days, there are so many activities to choose from that it’s hard to work out which would be best for you and your team. Whilst the team at Max Velocity can’t list all the activities that will work, we can certainly assure you that getting your employees to fall back into each other’s arms to build trust probably won’t…

There are some basic questions that you need to ask before you go ahead and book that corporate team building day.

Questions to Ask

Some of the essential things to think about while planning any team building activity are:

  • Whether it is an indoor or outdoor activity. This completely depends on what time of the year you decide to organise your event.
  • Whether the activity is sporty or creative. This majorly depends on what your team is interested in and whether you have any members of the team that won’t be able to participate if you choose an activity that requires a lot of physical tasks.
  • Whether you are planning for a half day, a full day or an entire weekend of fun. This depends on what fits into your time and budget requirements.
  • Whether you want to engage your team in competitive activities or collaborative activities.

It’s not necessarily about which team building approach is better, but more about what would work best for your team – taking into account what you are trying to achieve with your team building activity day.

So before you decide which works best for you, let us understand what exactly the differences are between competitive and collaborative team building activities and how effective they are.

Competitive Team Building

Engaging your employees in competitive team building events would mean that they will either be split into smaller teams that would later compete against one another – or they will have to participate individually in various competitions.

If you decide to book an F1-themed event with Max Velocity Events, your employees will be participating in various competitive activities ranging from driving simulators – where individuals get to compete in a virtual Formula One Race against one another, to racing bathtubs – where you get to sit inside the bathtub, hold the wheel and race around a bespoke track created by Max Velocity exclusively for our clients.

Competitive team building activities are certainly great fun and perfect for increasing employee morale and engagement – especially for those businesses out there who work in a very competitive environment on a daily basis. So yes, sales teams, this is your calling!

However, competetive team building is also fantastic for teams that need to integrate better. If you find that within your business, departments have formed cliques, engaging your teams in competitive team building (where teams are mixed) is a great way to break down those walls.

Collaborative Team Building

As a matter of fact, collaboration is of utmost importance for organisations. It helps to maximise the effectiveness of their communication skills and teamwork.

With the help of collaborative team building activities, your employees will be forced to focus not only on becoming a team player but also the benefits that come from working together towards achieving a common goal.

Among all the F1-themed activities that we offer, we have a number of activities that primarily promote team building. An activity such as pit stop challenges – where your team will be taken through a journey of pit stop history which ultimately brings them up to date with the latest techniques used by the F1 teams today… followed by being put through their paces whilst partaking in their very own, timed pit stop challenge.

Another activity that encourages team engagement is our Kit Karts – the team has to build little karts in an allocated time, without instructions. It’s a chance to see who the visionaries are within your teams and once they are built, they can be raced too.

So, ultimately, what’s better – competitive or collaborative team building?

If you simply want to have fun with your colleagues, then both type of events will be appealing to those who want to participate.

But, if you are looking to achieve certain objectives from your event, then you will have to think about which type of activity will allow you to do so.

Engaging your employees in a friendly competition in a relaxed setting will encourage them to work together and become a team player, which in turn helps to build cooperation.

To find out more about our team building activities and to book your bespoke motorsport event package with Max Velocity Events, give us a call today.