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F1 Activities All Super Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

robert/ January 25, 2019/ Formula 1 Simulators, Pit Stop Challenge

Every individual who is into motorsports has a passion to drive at least one F1 car in their lifetime. When you spend so many hours watching them whizz around the world’s most glorious racetracks, it is almost unavoidable to not dream of being in the driver’s seat at least once or twice. Formula One races are extremely lavish and breathtaking,

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The Hidden Secret Behind Effective Team Building

robert/ October 26, 2018/ Pit Stop Challenge

The key to winning a Formula one race lies in a team’s ability to work together. F1 drivers rely on their teams for ensuring that the car delivers its best performance and whilst the drivers are the ones in the limelight, everyone knows that the members standing ready to go in the pit stop are the real heroes of the

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Famous Pit Stop Mistakes You Cannot Overlook

robert/ September 7, 2018/ Pit Stop Challenge

Let’s face it – pit stops are not always as straight-forward as they should be. What should be a simple car maintenance slot can actually turn out to be a terrifying ordeal, for both the drivers, and mechanics involved. But when it comes to Formula One, its part and parcel of the racing landscape. From drivers pulling into the wrong

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