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5 Awesome Corporate Entertainment Activities to Get Your Team Involved In

Max Velocity Team/ March 29, 2019/ General

Successful companies organise team retreats or team building events on a regular basis. It is all a part of their staff engagement program. As a matter of fact, company retreats or team building activities not only help your employees bond but also motivate them, eventually creating a positive workplace environment. These activities help in improving internal communication and employee productivity,

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The 10 Most Famous F1 Racing Tracks

Max Velocity Team/ March 8, 2019/ General

Every Formula One track has its own significance, so it’s not an easy task to decide which one among them is the best. Some of them have gained prominence due to existing for years, whilst others have been new entries and picked up attention thanks to the stunning views. A total of 70 different tracks have been used since the

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Why Your Team Hates Team Building (And How to Change It)

Max Velocity Team/ February 15, 2019/ General

Like many things that make perfect sense on paper but somehow fail to reproduce the same effect upon execution, team building activities often don’t live up to the tall promises made by corporate managers and owners. This brings us to the question – what exactly goes wrong when team building is something that has been occurring for decades? Is it

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How to Perfect Your Upcoming Exhibition

robert/ January 11, 2019/ General

If you have ever planned a trade show exhibition then you may currently be feeling a little overwhelmed as it’s certainly a daunting process. The intensity of this feeling keeps on increasing as the event draws closer and whilst nerves are almost always a part of the deal, it can become a little too much. This feeling of impending doom

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Go the Extra Mile and Excite Your Staff at the Next Corporate Activity Day

robert/ December 7, 2018/ General

You should never underestimate the impact of a corporate activity day as an employer, as the results that can be found from letting your team enjoy themselves away from the office are certainly in abundance. A well-organised and successful corporate activity day will show your employees, guests and competitors what your company is made of. For this very purpose, it

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A Taste of Lewis Hamilton’s Lavish Lifestyle

robert/ November 23, 2018/ General

Almost all genuine F1 fans are familiar with the excitement Lewis Hamilton brings to any F1 track (even if you don’t like him), but very few are really aware of the extravagant lifestyle he leads outside of the track. If you are a die-hard Hamilton fan or just interested in taking a peak into the life of the man of the

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The Best F1 Racing Tracks in the World

robert/ September 21, 2018/ General

When it comes to Formula One fanatics, we all have our favourite F1 track. Whilst we get a buzz from watching the drivers race on each and every track around the world, nothing beats the excitement of settling down for an afternoon to watch it all take place on what we deem to be the best. But when it comes

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