Car Simulators Can Boost Your Teams Productivity

robert/ October 12, 2018/ Formula 1 Simulators

Helen Keller once stated, “Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing.” Most people are quite familiar with the feeling of being ‘alive’, so what is it that keeps them feeling alive? Well, it is the heart pounding or hands trembling moments that occur when we choose to do something out of the ordinary…

Some of us seek a thrilling adventure anywhere we go. We live to feel the rush, be it in our jobs or in our everyday lives. There are some who can’t stand the mind-numbing predictability brought about by a monotonous routine, while there are others who prefer to play it safe and take the risk on just the very odd occasion.

Regardless of which category you belong to, you will want a little bit of that adrenaline rush to help you and your team reach success. There are several activities that provide a much-needed adrenaline rush among individuals that ultimately leads to an upturn in their productivity levels.

Here, we are specifically talking about how car simulators help in boosting a team’s productivity. Many companies in the UK are weaving adventure sports, such as F1 racing, into their team building endeavours to boost their employee’s productivity and team performance.

Here are a few benefits of how an adrenaline rush from a car simulator can help companies boost their team productivity levels.

Meeting Deadlines

Taking your employees to F1 team building events, especially when they have a big deadline to meet, might not sound like an ideal scenario. But the truth is, a good dose of adrenaline will keep your employees’ minds engaged, focused and also improves their ability to handle complex tasks in a much faster manner.

Boosts Positivity

When the adrenaline hormone is released into our body, the hormones dopamine, catecholamine and norepinephrine are secreted simultaneously. These hormones are also known as the ‘feel good hormones’ as they make us feel positive and what boss doesn’t want their team to be positive and motivated at all times?

Dealing with Stress

Stress decreases the productivity levels in any company and it leaves your employees feeling tightly wound. Participating in activities that give an adrenaline rush helps the body to relax. This mainly includes the bronchioles in the lungs, making your breathing smoother and easier. Employees that feel free of stress at work are the type who are going to get their deadlines hit on time, every time.


An adrenaline rush can give you a feeling of infallibility when dealing with any task. While ‘any task’ could be a bit of an exaggeration, adrenaline surely makes people feel stronger and makes them feel like they can achieve anything. Additionally, it brings a sense of healthy competition between your employees, making the task of accomplishing individual and team goals much more fun and engaging.

Controlling Emotions

Every team manager wants their team members to be open about how they feel in different situations, which makes the handling of any negative vibes easier. However, this needs to be done in a controlled manner. Sudden outbursts at work are not only unprofessional, but also distracting to other employees.