F1 Activities All Super Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

robert/ January 25, 2019/ Formula 1 Simulators, Pit Stop Challenge

Every individual who is into motorsports has a passion to drive at least one F1 car in their lifetime. When you spend so many hours watching them whizz around the world’s most glorious racetracks, it is almost unavoidable to not dream of being in the driver’s seat at least once or twice. Formula One races are extremely lavish and breathtaking,

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How to Perfect Your Upcoming Exhibition

robert/ January 11, 2019/ General

If you have ever planned a trade show exhibition then you may currently be feeling a little overwhelmed as it’s certainly a daunting process. The intensity of this feeling keeps on increasing as the event draws closer and whilst nerves are almost always a part of the deal, it can become a little too much. This feeling of impending doom

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Go the Extra Mile and Excite Your Staff at the Next Corporate Activity Day

robert/ December 7, 2018/ General

You should never underestimate the impact of a corporate activity day as an employer, as the results that can be found from letting your team enjoy themselves away from the office are certainly in abundance. A well-organised and successful corporate activity day will show your employees, guests and competitors what your company is made of. For this very purpose, it

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A Taste of Lewis Hamilton’s Lavish Lifestyle

robert/ November 23, 2018/ General

Almost all genuine F1 fans are familiar with the excitement Lewis Hamilton brings to any F1 track (even if you don’t like him), but very few are really aware of the extravagant lifestyle he leads outside of the track. If you are a die-hard Hamilton fan or just interested in taking a peak into the life of the man of the

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The Trend Taking The Wedding Scene by Storm

robert/ November 9, 2018/ Formula 1 Simulators

Wedding season is almost upon us and many couples are still confused when it comes to choosing the venue they want to get married in. It seems like every celebrity wedding gives out a new style statement, and it’s normal to be excited about incorporating some of the wedding ideas we see in TV shows and magazines alike. Gone are

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The Hidden Secret Behind Effective Team Building

robert/ October 26, 2018/ Pit Stop Challenge

The key to winning a Formula one race lies in a team’s ability to work together. F1 drivers rely on their teams for ensuring that the car delivers its best performance and whilst the drivers are the ones in the limelight, everyone knows that the members standing ready to go in the pit stop are the real heroes of the

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Car Simulators Can Boost Your Teams Productivity

robert/ October 12, 2018/ Formula 1 Simulators

Helen Keller once stated, “Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing.” Most people are quite familiar with the feeling of being ‘alive’, so what is it that keeps them feeling alive? Well, it is the heart pounding or hands trembling moments that occur when we choose to do something out of the ordinary… Some of us seek a

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The Best F1 Racing Tracks in the World

robert/ September 21, 2018/ General

When it comes to Formula One fanatics, we all have our favourite F1 track. Whilst we get a buzz from watching the drivers race on each and every track around the world, nothing beats the excitement of settling down for an afternoon to watch it all take place on what we deem to be the best. But when it comes

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