5 Awesome Corporate Entertainment Activities to Get Your Team Involved In

Max Velocity Team/ March 29, 2019/ General

Successful companies organise team retreats or team building events on a regular basis. It is all a part of their staff engagement program.

As a matter of fact, company retreats or team building activities not only help your employees bond but also motivate them, eventually creating a positive workplace environment.

These activities help in improving internal communication and employee productivity, in turn boosting morale at your workplace and allowing the employees to know each other better.

We have outlined five great team building ideas that won’t cost a fortune for their execution.

1: Ice Breakers

You can allow your new recruit to get to know the rest of the team by making your existing employees participate in ice breakers. In fact, ice breakers are one of the most effective ways of starting off a training session, team building event or a new work week.

As an employer, you can encourage your team members to share their small achievements (work or personal) with the rest of the team, so that everyone can get to know their co-workers a little better.

Also, do not forget to congratulate your employees on their new achievements.

2: Problem Solving

Problem Solving

It is essential that you as an employer find the right problem-solving activities, mainly because it can quite make or break the team you’re trying to manage. An advantage that you tend to gain here is that by involving your team in several problem-solving activities, it will help you to differentiate between the weak links and strong team players.

So, how do you go about this?

You can simply organise a one-day workshop that involves activities such as ‘worst case scenarios’. To fabricate a solution for such scenarios, your employees will have to work together as a team. This way, you not only understand everyone’s expertise level, but your employees learn from each other as well. It is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

3: Outdoor Activities

Let us be loud and clear – nobody likes to be indoors all the time. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why a lot of team building activities involve being closer to nature. You can engage your employees in activities such as paintball or wall climbing.

Moreover, encourage them to play sports such as football and rugby. This way, your employees will be focused on becoming a team player, which in turn is good encouragement for a healthy lifestyle as well.

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4: Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs

Your work environment does not have to be serious all the time. In fact, many board games involve teamwork beneath all the giggles and laughter.

Try playing games like Charades or Pictionary, wherein the majority of your staff members have to participate. You can combine this activity with other corporate team building activities.

5: Social Gathering

Not all team building activities have to be tedious work – involving lots of planning and organisation. A simple team lunch or dinner at the end of the week can offer some light at the end of the tunnel after a demanding week at the office.

Although it may sound a little uninspiring, it actually does wonders for staff engagement, cohesiveness and camaraderie. A social gathering not only bonds the team on a personal level, but it also creates a light-hearted atmosphere for a lasting relationship outside of the workplace.